Month: April 2013

Spring is in the Air

I love the smell of spring. The grass is growing, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the breeze smells so fresh. The trees are starting to bud.  My lilac bush has a hint of green on the tips of… Read More


Cilantro is the leaf from the Coriander plant which also produces seeds known as Coriander seeds. Cilantro is either loved or hated. I am absolutely on the love side of this debate.  On the hate side some people say it tastes and… Read More

Trial and Error of Cooking

Let me say I did not always love cooking. My first cooking experience was as a child and was not a pleasant one, even though I can laugh about it now. My mother told me to get some eggs boiling so I… Read More

Chicken Stroganoff

Tonight I decided to make one  of my quick dinner recipes, Chicken Stroganoff.  It is so easy but yet so tasty. I make this for two but you could double or triple the recipe for more. Here is what you will need… Read More

Meatloaf and My Version of a Loaded Baked Potato.

Bare with me as I muddle through my first food blog entry. Tonight I made meatloaf and a my new version of a Loaded Baked Potato. First the meatloaf. You will need a cup of chopped onions, one carrot chopped fine, two… Read More

Starting my adventure in blogging.

Well let’s start this off with an introduction. I am Amy and I love to cook. I was told awhile ago that I should start a food blog. Well after much thought here it is…my food blog. So I decided to name… Read More