Picnic on the boat with Chicken Bacon Pesto Pasta


This morning we set out with great expectations to do some boating. Jon was going to dive and I made a picnic and was looking forward to sunning myself and relaxing.  But as the day unfolded we found ourselves looking to head home early.

Here is a summary on how our day went.  We get up that morning so excited to get the day going. We pack the boat and off we go. We get to Littlefield Lake and as we are trying to get the boat ready Jon notices that we have a flat tire on the boat trailer. We pull into a slot and Jon realizes that he does not have the right tool to take the tire off. Oops! We ask another gentleman there and he tries to help but he does have the right tool either. Then after searching the truck Jon finds one. Whew!

Now we have the boat in the water we make a few laps and Jon realizes that he does not have all his dive gear so now he cannot go diving. See where I am going with this. Now we have the boat anchored for lunch and take a dip before we eat because it was so sunny and hot.  I have made a delicious salad and brought some mandarin orange slices. Plus we had bought two bottles of the best Root beer you will ever try. Brundaberg Root beer is the best root beer hands down plus it comes in a cool bottle. The salad was the bomb.  Bomb meaning awesome!!! Insert my horrible singing voice. Plus I did take my Nikon with me but forgot my SD card in my laptop at home so all pictures today are from cell phone. So my pictures do not do my salad justice but trust it is awesome.



IMG_20140622_134950_250 (1)

So after we ate Jon decided to snorkel around the area and I decided to sun myself.  As soon as the picnic was put away the sun decided to hide under the clouds. It looked like it was going to stay that way.  So shortly after Jon snorkeled for a while and I read a few pages of my book. We decided to call it a day. Packed up the boat and heading to the boat launch.  We got the boat out and then the sun came out. All in all we had a good day not what we expected but it was a good day. Sometimes you just have to take what comes. Plans change and expectations are not what you expected. You just have to roll with it. I just want to end today’s blog with a picture I took over Memorial Day weekend on Saginaw Bay at sunset. It is a true picture of why I love to boat.  It is times like this where everything in my world seems right.




Chicken Bacon Pesto Pasta

2 chicken breast sliced in half and grilled with Morton’s season salt.

1 ear of corn

1/2 of box of pasta (whatever you prefer I used Orecchiette pasta)

6 sundried tomatoes sliced

10 slices of bacon cooked and chopped into bite size pieces.

5 leafs of basil

tub of fresh mozzerella balls small ones

1/2 cup or more of pesto (homemade or store-bought)


Yesterday I grilled two chicken breast cut in half with Morton’s season salt and an ear of corn.  I then cooked the pasta according the directions.  I had earlier in the day cooked about 10 slices of bacon in the oven. I think there was more but I ate a few.  I placed the cooked pasta in a large salad bowl and chopped the chicken into bit size pieces added them to the bowl. I took the slices of bacon and did the same.  I then took my corn on the cob and cut the pieces of corn off and added them to the bowl.  I make pesto every year and freeze them in ice cubes tray then put them into a freezer bag to use later. So I took out 3 cubes which is ½ cup of pesto and let it set out and defrost.  Then I added it to the pasta mixture. I also added chopped sundried tomatoes.  I went out to my garden and took 5 basil leafs and  cut them in chiffonade style and put into the salad. Next I took little mozzarella balls and cut them in half.  Then I stirred the salad and add olive oil until coated well with pesto and olive oil.  I am not sure if you even had pesto before but the flavor it out of the world. You really don’t need any other seasoning. You can add a little salt but is not needed.



Jacked Up Grilled Potatoes and Onions

Jacked Up Grilled Potatoes and Onions

What goes better with steak? Why potatoes of course.  These are not your average grilled potato and onions. I have been looking for something different to try on the grilled to change up my grilled potatoes.  Well I found it.  I was reading this recipe online where you take a Vidalia onion and add a beef bouillon to it and grill it.  Which I am sure is great but why not add potatoes to that and make it even better.  These potatoes will melt in your mouth. They have such great flavor. I know my pictures do not even do this dish justice but they are definitely a must try.


First I took two sheets of aluminum foil and lay them over each other to form a T. Then I butter the top sheet by rubbing a stick of butter of it. This will help the potatoes from sticking to the foil.  I slice up the potatoes and onions. Place them in the center of the T.

IMG_20140616_180438_489 (2)

Then I add pads of butter to the potatoes and onions. I then took two beef bouillon cubes and crushed them into small pieces and sprinkled them over the potato and onions. (This is what makes these potatoes so jacked up.)


I also sprinkled some all season salt and sea salt over the potatoes.  Then with my hands I toss the potato and onions until everything is mixed well.


Fold up on side and then the other. Then I take another piece of aluminum foil and rolled the package until completely covered again.


Place this on the grill for about 30 minutes on medium heat. Each grill is different. You will hear the butter sizzling when it is almost done.  You can check but make sure if you open it up to check it you sealed it well before putting it back on the grill.  Trust me on this.  Fire will happen.

Here is the ingredient list I used for two people.

2 russet potatoes

1/2 vidalia onion

1/2 stick of butter or less. ( I used less but forgot to measure)

2 cubes of beef bouillon

1 teaspoon or more of all season salt

dash of sea salt

I hope you enjoy it. I will now be making this more over this summer.  It is very addicting. The flavor of the beef bouillon just Jack’s up the traditional grilled potatoes and onions. Try it and see for yourself.