Letter to My Sister in Heaven.


So it is your second birthday in heaven.  I think of you often and wonder if God lets you have a peek into our lives. I hope you see us happy and living the best we can without you. I hope you see the laughs and smiles on Hayley and Evan’s faces. You see that is where I see you the most in Evan’s crazy ideas and Hayley’s sweet smile.  I hope you see Jen laughing and enjoying being a wonderful mom just like you. She is such a great mom and you can see it in the kids. You would be so proud of her.

Jen and Hayley


Jen and Evan


I hope you see how much Buzz still loves and honors you. I hope you see that you are missed dearly and that we are missing a piece of our heart. I try to smile each time I think of you but a tear still comes to my eye. It’s a sign of I miss you, not one of goodbye because sometime we will be together again.  I hope you are listening all those times I talk to you. It makes me feel better knowing you are listening.

I stopped by to see you today and brought you some beautiful roses.



As I visited you I found myself wondering what you were doing in heaven today. Were you baking, were you reading and enjoying the relaxing sunny day or were you watching over us as we were about to celebrate your birthday? I just wanted to reach out to you and give you a hug and let you know how much you are loved and missed.

Today we celebrated your birthday. Buzz got everyone together for a fish fry and he grilled roast too. We all brought a dish to pass. You would have loved having us all together.  All your grandbabies and neices and nephews were there laughing and smiling and having a great time. I still try to picture you laughing and talking to everyone. Making everyone feel welcome and loved. You were always the life of the party. Happy Birthday Lillian. We all love and miss you so much.

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Perfect Pear Prosciutto Pizza

Perfect Pear ProsciuttoA while ago Jon and I went to a get together at our friends Brett and Lisa’s house where they had a pizza making party.  Now Lisa started making this pizza and I won’t share her recipe because that is hers but everyone at the party thought she was nuts just adding fruit to the dough as the sauce.  But after her pizza was done let’s just say it was the star of the party.  We could not get enough of that pizza. So this pizza is an inspiration of mine from that pizza.

So long after the party I keep thinking about that pizza and how I could build my own. So here is the creation I came up with.

I started out really wanting to make my own dough but I didn’t have time the night I made this. I used Pillsbury pizza dough but promise me when you make this you will use homemade dough.

Then I took my mandolin and sliced the pear thin. This is the first layer. This is your sauce. I know crazy right but trust me.


Then I took dried figs and sliced them into small pieces. Now in the summer I would use fresh figs but it is winter and I could not find one fresh fig.  Take the fig pieces and spread them out over the pears slices.


Now take one package of prosciutto and lay the pieces all over the pizza.


Sprinkle the gorgonzola cheese over the entire pizza.

IMG_20150305_181847893_HDR - Copy

Bake in oven according to your pizza dough directions for 15 minutes.


Then drizzle reduced Balsamic vinegar over the pizza and then enjoy.

Perfect Pear Prosciutto

It might sound like a strange combination but trust me. Jon was quite pleased with this creation. It will be made many more times in our house.

Perfect Pear Prosciutto Pizza

Pizza dough

one Pear

3 to 4 dried figs (if using fresh figs might use less)

1 pkg of prosciutto

Gorgonzola cheese

Reduced Balsamic vinegar