Tuna Garbanzo Salad


Looking for a healthy lunch option that will keep you full and satisfied? Well I created the perfect one. It has such great flavor you will want to eat the whole thing. Between the tuna and the garbanzo beans you will not be hungry after eating this because both are packed with protein. Plus Garbanzo beans are a great source of fiber. I also have this fight between eating well and enjoying a great food. I think this recipe not only tastes good but it good for ya!

Tuna Garbanzo Salad

1 can of tuna {I used tuna in olive oil} drained

1 can of garbanzo beans rinsed and drained

1-2 tsp of capers

1-2 Tbps of kalamata olives sliced

I Roma tomato

½ lime juice

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

I could tell you that it was really hard to put this together but it truly is a throw it all in and stir. But what I did before I threw it all in is some minor prep work. I took the tomato cut it into four pieces and spooned out the seeds and then cut it into pieces. Then I threw the tuna, garbanzo beans, capers, olives and tomato into the bowl. Stir it all together, squeeze the ½ lime over the bowl to add the juice and then add a splash of olive oil. Taste then add salt and pepper to taste. You will get the vinegar from the kalamata olives so no need to add vinegar. Watch the salt because the capers and olives have enough salt. I used very little salt.



Black Bean and Corn Salsa

With Cinco De Mayo around the corner I thought I would share my Black Bean and Corn Salsa recipe.  For the past four years Jon and I have always celebrated Cinco De Mayo with Andrew in Big Rapids, Michigan. Andrew’s move out date from Ferris University was always on Cinco De Mayo day. We would go and load up his dorm room and then we go out to eat at El Burrito Loco. They have the great authentic Mexican food. I always ordered the chicken chimichanga’s they are so good there.

But now that he has graduated we will have to find a new place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or maybe I will just create a chicken Chimichanga recipe and we will have a party ourselves. If I do I will share the recipe I promise. But until that happens I will share my salsa recipe.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

1 can of Black Beans (drained and rinsed)

1 can of Corn (drained or if in season grill some fresh corn on the grill and shave off the corn from the cob)

1 jalapeno pepper

1 tomato (or 10 cherry tomatoes)


Sea Salt

1 lime

Put the Black beans and corn in a medium serving bowl. Cut the tomatoes into bite size pieces or a little smaller, then toss them in with the black beans and corn. Cut the jalapeno in half. I prefer less heat so I take a spoon and scrape the seeds out. Then I slice it thin and cut it into small pieces and toss into the mixture. Chop some Cilantro and throw that into the mix to your taste. I love Cilantro, so for me the more the merrier.  Squeeze the juice out of 1 lime and pour into the mixture and add some sea salt. I always start out with a little salt first, then add after it sits for a few minutes. If it needs more lime juice I would add a little at a time.


This is great with Tortilla chips or you can use it to top nachos, tacos, or add to burrito’s.


I hope you try it and have a great time celebrating Cinco de Mayo.